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Christi is a freelancer who writes monthly columns for The Maine Sportsman and the Bangor Daily News.

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Finding Common Ground

Originally published in Modern Huntsman My headlamp dangled around my neck; there was enough moonlight that I didn’t need it as we walked along the old railroad tracks to the blind. It was opening day of duck season in southern Maine, and I had invited Emilie along since she had never been duck hunting before.Continue reading “Finding Common Ground”

Some might call it ‘roadkill’ but this ruffed grouse was delicious

Originally published in the Bangor Daily News “I am not eating roadkill,” Martin, my brother proclaimed. “It wasn’t run over, just bounced off a windshield probably. And it was still warm when I found it,” I reasoned. “You mean it’s not even your roadkill? That’s even worse. Get that thing away from me.” I delighted inContinue reading “Some might call it ‘roadkill’ but this ruffed grouse was delicious”

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